School Uniform

Pupils should wear our school uniform every day, unless it is a PE or Forest schools day. Jewellery, other than small stud earrings, is strictly not permitted - pupils must be able to remove earrings by themselves for PE, or microporous tape must be provided to cover earrings. 

Pupils may wear a wristwatch, but this is at their own risk if it gets lost or damaged and smart watches that have a camera function must not be brought into school. Make-up, including nail polish is strictly not permitted. Long hair must be tied back.

Mobile phones and other electronic equipment are strictly not allowed in school.

The uniform is:-


Children will come to school in PE clothes on their PE day, there is no need to provide a change of clothes:


Children MAY also have tracksuit/sweatshirt/embroidered school hoodie and joggers for wintertime, sensible trainers for outdoor use. Trainers are not a substitute for pumps.

All children must have a suitable waterproof coat to wear, as the children do PE in all weather conditions.

The junior children also need one smallish pencil case which should contain a number of pencils (HB), a pen (preferably a handwriting pen as we discourage the use of biros), a pencil sharpener and an eraser; and may also contain a few crayons or felt pens, maths equipment (protractor etc).

ALL clothing and equipment MUST be named clearly in a way that can be read by anyone.  All children’s things look very similar, and we are unable to distinguish them, even if the child can.

Jewellery and makeup are strictly not allowed. Children may wear small stud earrings but must be able to remove them, unaided, for PE and swimming.

We recommend children with long hair, wear it tied back, at all times, to help prevent the spread of head lice.

Branded uniform can be ordered using an order form which can be obtained from the School Office.  Our uniform supplier is Silcocks' of Ashbourne, who aim to turn around orders in 2-3 weeks.  Payment for uniform is through Arbor.

Unbranded uniform items purchased elsewhere also may be worn. We also have a range of donated used uniform items available free of charge, please visit our reception area to view.

Bradley Uniform Price List 2023_24.pdf