Turing Class

Welcome to Turing Class. Alan Turing was and English mathematical and computer scientist who was influential in breaking the German Enigma Code during World War Two. Years later, he was arrested for his homosexuality which was a crime in Britain at the time. In 2013 – 59 years after his death – he received a royal pardon and has become an inspiration in the LGBTGQ+ community. 

Spring One

In Spring One we went on a Voyage of Discovery. In Geography we have looked at splitting up the Earth! Looking at the Prime Meridian and the Equator and other lines of latitude and longitude, including the time zones of our Earth and thinking about why we have different time zones. We looked at The Tropics – the area between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn and why this area is hot and humid all year round. Finally, we looked at local astronomer John Flamsteed and how he was the Royal Astronomical Observer and laid the foundation stone at the Royal Greenwich Observatory.

In Science we looked at Charles Dawin and Alfred Wallace and how they have influenced our knowledge of evolution and inheritance. We looked at how animal change to fit their environment and how only the fittest animals survive.

In Music we are fortunate enough to have Mrs Robinson from Derby Cathederal come to teach us singing as well as learning things about musical notations such as sharps and staves, looking at differences in the pitch of the music and how this changes what we hear and learning about Henry Purcell.

In Dance we continue our theme of ‘Voyage of Discovery’ theming our dance around pirates and what we think a pirate dance might look like.

Autumn Two

Amazing Amazon was our overarching theme for Autumn Two. In Geography we looked at the Amazon Rainforest, looking at which animals live there, the different layers of the rainforest and what happens when deforestation happens in the Amazon.

Our Art learning linked in with this as we looked at the artwork of Henry Rousseau whose painting depicted scenes of the rainforest. We looked and how we could make our own artwork showing the rainforest and we use mixed media using newspaper and paint to create our final art pieces.

Music continued our South American theme looking at the work of Sergio Mendes, who is a Brazilian musician who creates Samba music. Along with this, we looked at different musical structures including the pentatonic scale and we used music making websites to be able to experiment with our own music pieces.

Trees featured in our Science learning as we look at forces. We had a focus of forces like gravity and friction and how they impact on our day-to-day lives.

Autumn One

In Autumn One we took a trip to find out the crime and punishments of history’s rogues and rascals. We starter at the medieval times and travelled forwards in time to learn about how crime and punishment has changed through the years.

Our learning about crime and punishment lead us to our trip to the National Justice Museum, where we took part in our own court case, and learnt about different Edwardian punishments.

In D&T we continued the theme of criminals and made cam toys to depict a scene with our cams showing the movement of criminals running, police officers chasing and many other crime related designs.

In Science we looked at lifecycles of plants and animals looking at how animals start young will reproduce and eventually die, looking at specifically the lifecycles of birds, mammals and amphibians.

In Music we looked at different musical notes and how they sound different, and impact music, we thought about the tempo of the music we listen to and how slow and fast music might make us feel. Additionally, we looked at the work of Jacques Ibert a French composer.