Letters to Parents

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13th May Tissington Visit.pdf

Tissington Trip

May 2022

4th May 2022 Halle Concert.pdf

Halle Concert

May 2022

kids yoga flyer.pdf

Children's Yoga

April 2022

School Attendance.pdf

School Attendance

April 2022

Should my child go to school - Version 1 April 2022.pdf

Should My Child Go To School

April 2022

Easter Activity Camps.pdf

Easter Activity Camps

31st March 2022

Mar 14th Creative Curriculum & Flexi Learning.pdf

Creative Curriculum and Flexi-Schooling

14th March 2022

Feb 22 End of Term Update.pdf

End of Term Update

25th February 2022

Feb 22 Governing Board Letter to Parents.pdf

Governor's Letter to Parents

25th February 2022

After School Sports Update.pdf

After School Sports

14th December 2021

Important Update Bradley.pdf

Important Update to End of Term Arrangements

14th December 2021

Snow White.pdf

Snow White Performance

9th December 2021

Nov 19th21 Nomination Letter.pdf

Parent Governor Nomination Letter

19th November 2021

Nov 19th 21 Nomination Form.pdf

Parent Governor Nomination Form

19th November 2021

Nov 19th 21 Qualifications and Disqualifications.pdf

Parent Governor Qualifications and Disqualifications

19th November 2021

19th Nov 21 Yoga Bugs

Yoga Buggs

19th November 2021

Oct 20th 21 Messy Church.pdf

Messy Church

4th November 2021

Oct 20th 21 Autumn Update.pdf

Autumn Update

20th October 2021

Oct 15th 21 French Club.pdf

French Club

15th October 2021

Oct 14th 21 Derby Cathedral Choir.pdf

Derby Cathedral Choir

14th October 2021

Oct 7th 21 Muddy-Church.pdf

Muddy Church

7th October 2021

Oct 7th 21 School Photographs.pdf

Harvest Festival

7th October 2021

Oct 6th 21 Immunisations.pdf

Flu Vaccinations

6th October 2021

Sept 24 21 Pantomine.pdf

Christmas Outing

4th October 2021

Sept 24 21 Parent Consultations.pdf

Parent Consultations

24th September 2021

22nd Sept 21 Harvest Festival.docx

Harvest Festival

September 2021

July 23rd 21 End of year Update to Parents.pdf

End of Year Update

23rd September 2021