Our Vision, Values, and Mission Statement

Our Vision

The Dales Federation of Primary Schools aims to have;

Our Mission Statement 

The mission of the Dales Federation of Primary Schools is to provide a safe, secure, family orientated environment enabling all children to achieve their full potential, nurturing their growth educationally, spiritually, morally and physically.  The Federation will provide a broad range of opportunities, developing confident, well rounded individuals with a firm grounding in core subjects, and also a wide range of knowledge.  They will develop inquisitive minds, seeking to learn beyond the curriculum, being prepared for their next steps in life and education with a lifelong love for learning. 

The Federation will work to ensure children are happy, feel valued, loved, respected, and guide them to show the same care to others.  All children in the Federation matter, and their different gifts and skills will be recognised and celebrated.

The bedrock of our schools is our Christian ethos that is embedded throughout all that we do, and the Federation continue to build on the foundations already present through close connections with the Church and our communities.

The Federation is committed to delivering the highest quality teaching, and to foster an environment where staff feel valued, happy and passionate to make a difference to the children in their care.  The Federation will support staff to develop and grow to their full potential.

The schools in our Federation will continue to work together, and will develop a wider network of collaboration to share best practice, constantly striving to drive improvement that will benefit the children in our organisation and in other schools.

We build supportive relationships with our parents and carers so that they feel confident to entrust their children to our care.

Our Federation will be a strong pillar of the communities it serves.  We will encourage the children to appreciate and embrace the cultural diversity of the wider community that they will experience throughout their lives.