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Meet the Governors

Welcome to the Governing Body Webpage:

On this page we will explain the role of the Governing Body and how we implement our role.

The Governors are all volunteers who support and challenge the Headteacher in planning and providing the best education for the children within a happy learning environment, helping them to develop as confident and successful individuals. The day to day running of the school is the responsibility of the Headteacher. The Governors help to set the strategic direction of the school; ensure finances are used effectively to provide a positive and exciting learning environment and the resources necessary to deliver high standards of teaching and learning and to keep the children safe.

There are 11Governors who sit on the Governing Board together with the Headteacher, Mrs Foulds. They represent the Parents, the local Community, the Local Authority, Staff and its Church Foundation. Each Governor serves for a term of 4 years. Training is provided for new and current Governors.

The Governing Board meets five times a year.  In addition there are 4 sub-committees:

Resources Committee (which includes Finance, Health and Safety, Personnel and Buildings)

School Improvement Committee (which includes School Improvement, Special Educational Needs and Disability and Safeguarding)

Performance Management Committee

Disciplinary Committee

Most of the Governors’ work for the school takes place at Committee level with all decisions ratified by the full Governing Board.

In addition Governors take on further responsibilities for curriculum areas. They visit school on a regular basis to get a better understanding of the school, look at the children’s work, monitor behaviour, evaluate progress and ensure the school supports children of all abilities. They also take an active role in drawing up and monitoring the School Improvement Plan.

The Governing Board draws on a range of skills from its members to support the school. If you would like to know more about the role then do get in touch with any of the Governors or the Headteacher.

The Clerk to the Governors is Mrs Ann Duffy.


Members of the Governing Board:

Chair of Governors - Mrs Alison Cresswell (Co-opted Governor)

Vice Chair - Mrs Margaret Matthews (LA Governor)

Mrs Nicola Foulds (Headteacher)

Mrs Abbey Batley (Parent Governor)

Mrs Victoria Wright (Parent Governor)

Mrs Fiona Allen (Staff Governor)

Mrs Elizabeth Edge (Staff Governor)

Revd. Phil Michell (Foundation Governor)

Mrs Julie Varo (Ex Officio Governor)

Mr Dan Ashmore (Co-opted Governor)

Mr Christopher Wright (Co-opted Governor)

Mr James Travers (Co-opted Governor)


Committee Structure

Resources Committee:

Mrs Nicola Foulds, Mr Dan Ashmore, Mrs Alison Cresswell, Mr James Travers, Mrs Victoria Wright

School Improvement Committee:

Mrs Nicola Foulds, Mrs Fiona Allen, Mrs Abbey Batley, Mrs Elizabeth Edge, Mrs Margaret Matthews, Mr Christopher Wright

Performance Management Committee:

Mr Dan Ashmore, Mrs Margaret Matthews, Revd. Phil Michell

Disciplinary Committee:

Mr Dan Ashmore, Mrs Margaret Matthews

Declaration of Business and Financial Interests 
There are no Business or Financial interests to declare for the Governors above.